Posted on Feb 7, 2020

Chinmaya IAS Academy

The Success Mantra of IAS Toppers

Discipline - IAS toppers value time and are self-disciplined. When they create a study routine, they stick to it. They are strong-willed, which helps them resurrect quickly from adversities.
Consistency – They are dedicated to their goal and are consistent in their efforts to achieve the same.
Never Give Up – They don’t give up on their failures. This attitude keeps them motivated throughout their journey in IAS preparations.
Analytical Thinking – These toppers always think ahead of a problem situation and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to deal with any issues.
Goal Setting – These individuals have explicit goals. They organise their study plan according to their aptitude and follow a systematic approach to realize their goals.
Self-belief – IAS toppers believe in themselves. They do because they believe they can.
Introspection – They often introspect themselves to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They find ways to capitalise on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
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